Thursday, September 24, 2015

This will all have to be online now …

Starting with my very first (and I mean my very first, coz I had never drawn one before) cartoons that were published in The Friday Times, I did a few other things: A few cartoons for The News; A few photos or book covers suitably altered; a few Fake-Ads. And maybe a few more items.

Sadly, my dear friend, my adopted daughter, my mentee and then my mentor, Sabeen Mahmud (Sab), is not there any more. And I can't even try to tell you how many of us feel about this. There are nothing but tears that flow out. Every few hours. Every day. And there are many silent sobs in between.

Sab had asked me to print quite a few of the cartoons and put them up at T2F for 3 days, beginning with my birthday. (I'll be 75 on the 2nd October this year). This was her idea of having me appear on a program, on the 2nd & 3rd October, where I'd be asked questions by her about my crazy life and crazier ideas. She mailed me a long list of questions that she'd ask.

Yes, Sab. I will answer them, too, in Koee Mayday Dil Say Poochhay, a recent blog that I have started. The posts may be written, pod-casted, or video-casted.

Among things that Sab thought T2F would print some day would be my book and a collection of my father's (Azhar Kidvai) stories, essays, and poems. My poems are now put up every Sunday … but not in any chronological order. You can see them on Alamzadah. Abi, my father, has a website now - and it is being added to every few days. It will have his entire collection, including all his verses in his own handwriting. There are also some memories and some pictures.

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